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5 profitable ice cream business models

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Do you want to start an ice cream business or invest in a parlor?

If you think you want to become an entrepreneur, but you do not know if you’re completely ready, here are five ice cream business models that will help you determine your real opportunities.

Five ice cream business models that we have identified thanks to our long experience in the sector and constant dialogue with our customers.

Are you already an ice cream shop owner? Do you want to reach a greater number of potential customers?

Owning an ice cream shop, at times, it leads to space limitations and costs. In fact, it is the customers who have to come to you. Reversing this flow is difficult and expensive.

However an ice cream cart could be the solution. This choice, in fact, will allow you to multiply your services as well as organize events and catering. But also to “displace” your ice cream shop just for a few days. You will be able to choose places of greatest interest to your customers.

For example, a success story is that of James Coleridge from Vancouver, Canada, winner of over 12 International and Canadian competitions and awards.

He founded and ran Bella Gelateria from 2009 to 2017 which was sold to multiple buyers. His first cart was bought in 2009, his second cart was 2014 and now he is relaunching with his new gelato brand – Uno Gelato first in Vancouver and then USA. He used the gelato cart in over 15 events a year from weddings, community events, local farmers markets and charity events. With his world wide recognition and success, James’ new future with Uno Gelato he has chosen TeknèItalia over other cart manufacturers in the Italy, USA and South America. Uno Gelato has 4 carts – 3 procopio and 1 Katerina to support his 3 locations in Vancouver in 2018. “To be the best, to rise above the average, you must use the best and never compromise quality. There is a place for luxury gelato in every market, this is why TeknèItalia was chosen – there is no better!” said Maestro James.

Your business is the rental or the catering. You have a vehicle you hire for events, wedding or parties or you organize catering

If you decide to invest in this business, you will find a cart or vehicle that is the right combination of beauty, functionality and quality.

The design, indeed, is a catalyst of attention and emotion. Because it must be an added value for the event you have organized or in which you are invited. Functionality and quality, instead, are necessary to simplify your workflow. The right accessories and the spaces are important during a catering service. Indeed, the choice of accessories is functional to your specific needs. For example, the options are designed to assist you in your work.

We have a lot of customers that has chosen to invest in this kind of ice cream business. SalvoDuchessa Gelato or Botolino Gelato are just the last.

Would you like to open an ice cream parlor, but also would you like to test the market and its dynamics first?

It’ your dream. However, you want to amortize costs quickly and reduce the initial economic investment. So, an ice cream cart is what you need. A sort of little ice cream shop “on wheels”.

It allows you to analyze your audience and their tastes. As well as evaluating the best location for your business. Marcia Garbin started in this way. Then she has opened her first ice cream shop Gelato Boutique (now she has two).

But even “La Centrale – Italian Food Hall“, before the opening of its store at the Brickell City Centre in Miami, has tested its products and ice creams with traveling events.

Do you want to invest in Street Food? An ever increasing growing trend

Maybe not everyone knows this, but we don’t design only ice-cream carts. In the last years we have expanded our offer with many vehicles. Each one is designed to improve your work, thanks to a wide variety of equiptments and accessories.

Some customers, indeed, chose to invest in Street Food. So, we are glad to help them to realize their projects. The best example could be considered Alessandro Marchese, a young pastry chef who carries around Italy (and Europe) the goodness of Sicilian cannoli. Alessandro carefully selects the events to participate in, as well as the collaborations. One of the last was with Eataly Pinerolo.

The ice cream cart as a propeller of your business

Just a name: Andrea Di Fiore and his BiancoLatte. He’s an Italian guy who decided to bring in Australia the real taste of Italian gelato and sorbet!

To make this a winning idea it was not enough sell ice cream trivially, but it was necessary to make it an unique, fun and exciting experience of the gelato itself. Parties, catering, special events, exhibitions and much more. These are just some of the ways to use its six ice cream carts designed by Teknè Italia. Yes, Andrea has built a real fleet over time.

He’s offer more the a tastefull ice cream. His ice cream carts, in fact, can be customized according the customer’s need. Also the kind of food services.

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