Bianco Latte: a masterpiece of entrepreneurship.

Bianco Latte: a masterpiece of entrepreneurship.
18 November 2015 Roberta Moscato

What happens if you mix Italian creativity, mild climate of Melbourne and gelato? A small masterpiece of entrepreneurship, of course!

This is the idea of Andrea and Camille Di Fiore, that with their small cart, six times now, they have developed a delicious entrepreneurial project in every sense: Bianco Latte (white like the milk)!

But let’s start from the beginning of this example of Italian pride abroad: a chance encounter in Castellanza, it has transformed an ordinary course of study in the beginning of a romantic adventure that still goes on successfully.


Camille and Andrea moved to Melbourne, an indissoluble relationship pratically, they decided to bring in Australia the real taste of Italian gelato and sorbet! To make this a winning idea it was not enough sell ice cream trivially, but it was necessary to make it an unique, fun and exciting experience of the gelato itself.

And Teknè Italia and its carts helped them realizing the perfect union between innovation and tradition that allowed to transfer the classic “gelato shop” in a completely new business environment without limitations of space or customers.

But the highlight of Bianco Latte is undoubtedly having kept refinement in design, the way the work is presented to the public, and especially in the quality and originality of the product being sold. Not everywhere you can find an coconut ice cream served with Lime sauce good as theirs!


The mobility of the Bianco Latte’s cart has made possible bringing it in the events, weddings and festivals, so the presence of this retrostyle ice cream cart has become very cool!
Bianco Latte has grown so much that a cart has not been enough, so now they have six of them.

But if the business is expanded and it grew even family Di Fiore has increased too and in 2009 was born Jude, that we know, she will have a sweet and white future ahead!