• Alain Ducasse: the chef of authentic taste

    I realize a dream of youth: an ice cream with a real taste and varied textures. Our ice cream has character. Alain Ducasse   Being part of the realization of a dream gives indescribable emotion and pride. Then imagine when…

  • A very special Romantic Garden Wedding

    Today we have dreamed of browsing the photos of the amazing garden wedding of Ludmila and Yuriy. From Martha Stewart’s blog, in an article by Blythe Copeland, we have discovered the story behind this very romantic wedding. “Ludmila, who owns Music…

  • Don Giovanni: an opportunity to renew your business

  • Moving Business

    Moving Business: the solution for a new way to do business

    The whole world is experiencing an unstable period. We do not want to go into the matter nor analyze its causes and effects. Still, we are aware that an element that unites us all, of course, is the desire to…

  • Don Carlo

    We believe in Future

    During a crisis, think positive and look toward the future. We chose to be happy. We have decided to get excited about little things and smile every time we look toward the future. So, we want to help create emotions…

  • Five tips to organize a high-quality catering

    Manage a catering service is not simple. Maintaining high-quality has to be your first purpose. You have to handle technical and functional aspects but also the emotional ones. Indeed, when you “move out” your food service, you will be able…

  • Sigep 2020

    We look forward to seeing you at Sigep 2020

  • TeknèItalia Startup: a new energy for your idea

    We will follow you in creating your business. TeknèItalia StartUp is the new project of our company. It is a complete kit that includes theoretical, technical, and practical training and the use of professional equipment installed in our cart or…

  • Ellenos and TeknèItalia: a family love

    We esteem so much Ellenos. What we love about Ellenos are genuineness and authenticity.  Can we be honest with you? We are a bit like them too. A big family that loves what does every day.  Also, TeknèItalia was born…

  • Gaston Glacier: a vintage ice cream shop in Bruxelles

    Its colors are blue, red, and white. The iconic elements? A neon red sign, wooden tables, a wide display and… a TeknèItalia’s ice cream cart

  • Costa Smeralda Costa Crociere

    Costa Smeralda: the most Sensational Italy at sea.

    The new Costa Crociere’s flagship is coming. It will be something unique. One of our ice cream carts would be an element of this extraordinary naval work.

  • How a food truck for sale can be a real business opportunity

    Do food trucks make good money? Yes, a food truck for sale could be a profitable business, but you have to keep in mind some elements. Here are what.