• Costa Smeralda Costa Crociere

    Costa Smeralda: the most Sensational Italy at sea.

    The new Costa Crociere’s flagship is coming. It will be something unique. One of our ice cream carts would be an element of this extraordinary naval work.

  • How a food truck for sale can be a real business opportunity

    Do food trucks make good money? Yes, a food truck for sale could be a profitable business, but you have to keep in mind some elements. Here are what.

  • Don Peppino: creator of emotions

    In Sicily, summer means “the sound of a whistle.” Indeed, it is a tradition that the whistle warns that the peddler of ice cream is near. Refreshing artisanal gelato with brioche is ready to be enjoyed.

  • Daniele

    Daniele brings Italian cuisine at Washington DC

    His one is not the “usual” Italian restaurant. It’s something more. Indeed, you can find the love and the passion of a real Italian family. He believes in the power of simplicity. So, Daniele has contacted us (through our dealer…

  • Best Restaurant

    Italian Restaurants at the top in the 2018 world rankings

    The top 10 of TripAdvisor TripAdvisor is increasingly acting as a trend detector. Few days ago it has been published the world ranking of 2018 relating to the world of restaurants and catering. We are proud to find out that…

  • Vintage Food Truck

    Why choose moving business?

    3 reasons why choose Moving Business Moving Business is a word that indicates a commercial business that is moving (it can change locations according to commercial needs). It could be misunderstood with the traditional itinerant concept. but it’s not. The…

  • Frying Food Cart

    Deep Fryer Food Cart: why invest?

    A recent German study* showed that fried food, and especially fries, are one of the most popular dishes in the world. In short, the frying food (due to their composition of fats and starches) would generate at the cerebral level…

  • Food Equipment: what is important to evaluate before buying

    5 things to know before to invest in Food Equipment. You can improve your business just to evaluate some aspects. Small precautions that can simplify rating.

  • Customized ice cream cart

    The importance of being customized

    Personalizing means to design a “tailor-made” food cart that responds perfectly to all your needs. Functional, communicative and marketing ones. We begin to define functional needs. We are talking about all optional accessories, and also the organization of them in…

  • food cart for pastries

    5 profitable ice cream business models

    If you think you want to become an entrepreneur, but you do not know if you’re completely ready, here are five ice cream business models that will help you determine your real opportunities. Five ice cream business models that we…

  • Fine Food Australia

    We’ll be at Fine Food Australia 2018

    Probably you do not know but in Melbourne we sold our very first ice cream cart. Later on we sold units in Sidney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide too thanks to our internet word of mouth. Now, also this years we…

  • ice cream cart hire

    Salvatore and his ice cream cart: one of us!

    If in eight years we have become what we are, we owe it above all to the people who collaborate with us every day. Each element is an important piece of our reality. We are proud to see our team…