• Frying Food Cart

    Deep Fryer Food Cart: why invest?

    A recent German study* showed that fried food, and especially fries, are one of the most popular dishes in the world. In short, the frying food (due to their composition of fats and starches) would generate at the cerebral level…

  • Food Equipment: what is important to evaluate before buying

    5 things to know before to invest in Food Equipment. You can improve your business just to evaluate some aspects. Small precautions that can simplify rating.

  • Customized ice cream cart

    The importance of being customized

    Personalizing means to design a “tailor-made” food cart that responds perfectly to all your needs. Functional, communicative and marketing ones. We begin to define functional needs. We are talking about all optional accessories, and also the organization of them in…

  • food cart for pastries

    5 profitable ice cream business models

    If you think you want to become an entrepreneur, but you do not know if you’re completely ready, here are five ice cream business models that will help you determine your real opportunities. Five ice cream business models that we…

  • Fine Food Australia

    We’ll be at Fine Food Australia 2018

    Probably you do not know but in Melbourne we sold our very first ice cream cart. Later on we sold units in Sidney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide too thanks to our internet word of mouth. Now, also this years we…

  • ice cream cart hire

    Salvatore and his ice cream cart: one of us!

    If in eight years we have become what we are, we owe it above all to the people who collaborate with us every day. Each element is an important piece of our reality. We are proud to see our team…

  • Coffee cart for sale

    Coffee break with TeknéItalia’s vehicle

    Italian coffee conquests Arab Emirates. For our reseller Sparrow International, we have designed a special Katerina that is customized to be a complete coffee solution. This vehicle, that is furnished with Professional Rancilio coffeemaker, meeting the needs of coffee seller.…

  • ice cream cart

    The right measure for any occasion

    We have designed a series of “slim” models. They have smaller dimensions that others and they can be a valid solution for food professionals who works everyday in “limited” spaces.

  • Katerina Marchese

    Marchese on Wheels is at Eataly!

    We talk a lot about Alessandro Marchese and his brother Ivan. They are an example how dreams come true. We are very proud that they had chosen us 4 years ago and they continued to choose TeknéItalia. We are very…

  • Tekneitalia has no colour

    Family is not about colours, it’s about values!

    Often we hear about the concept of “family”, so we want to say what TeknèItalia thinks about this hot topic. Everyday, we live the life of a “family” company. This is not only because TeknèItalia was born from entrepreneurial spirit…

  • Gaston Glacier ice cream cart

    Gaston Glacier: a vintage ice cream shop in Bruxelles

    Gaston Glacier A vintage ice cream shop in Bruxelles Its colors are blue, red and white. The iconic elements? A neon red sign, wooden tables, a wide display and… a TeknèItalia’s ice cream cart.

  • Mama Shelter Loves Ice cream cart

    Opening Mama Shelter Belgrade

    They had contacted us to realize a special ice cream cart. It had to reflect the personality of Mama Shelter: young, bright and totally fresh. Working with our graphic team the result is this Katerina. Yellow, ironic and workable.