Marchese on Wheels is at Eataly!

Marchese on Wheels is at Eataly!
6 June 2018 Roberta Moscato
Katerina Marchese

We talk a lot about Alessandro Marchese and his brother Ivan. They are an example how dreams come true. We are very proud that they had chosen us 4 years ago and they continued to choose TeknéItalia. We are very proud of their successes. They had a lot during these years.

Last news is that one of their cannolo carts – because they had bought three from 2014 – will be at Eataly Pinerolo during Street Food Festival.

Together with other street food professionals they will tell the best of the “Fried food & sparkling” for the summer of 2018. It will start next 15th of June.

Marchese on Wheels’cart will wait for you to taste his special cannoli: Orlando (sheep’s ricotta, chopped Sicilian pistachio and dark chocolate), Morgana (sheep’s ricotta, salted caramel and dark chocolate), Olimpia (sheep’s ricotta, fresh raspberry and salted caramel), Carlo Magno (sheep’s ricotta, dark chocolate and candy fruits).

Cannolo cart: marchese on wheels

We are happy with their partnership with Eataly, another of our most loyal customers. Indeed both are a symbol of Good Italy and we are proud of it. So, we can only suggest you to visit Alessandro and his team at Eataly Pinerolo. Their Cannoli are a “must”!