Alessandro Marchese, a success story.

Alessandro Marchese, a success story.
25 October 2016 Roberta Moscato

Our best reviews are customers case history.
So, today we want to tell you about Alessandro Marchese, a young pastry chef who have decided to invest in food mobile business using TeknéItalia’s cart.

He was one of our first customers and he asked us to design a cart fitted for selling Sicilian cannolo. Indeed, he has chosen a Katerina equipped with the special machine to fill cannolo.

Alessandro Marchese

We have met him to ask about his business Cannoli on wheels and his choice.

  • Why did you choose to sell Sicilian cannolo?
    I chose cannolo because it is a traditional food of my land and I think it embodies the spirit of quality and traditional Street Food.
  • Why did you choose to invest in a cart rather than a traditional shop?
    I chose to buy a TeknéItalia’s cart because it is the best and innovative way to get to know my product in many parts of Italy. Indeed, thanks Katerina cart our cannoli travelling Italy.
  • What do you think that make your cannoli unique?
    There are so many elements that makes unique my product.
    First of all the high quality of my raw materials: fresh Sicilian ricotta, waffle made according to the traditional recipe, high quality of grains, Sicilian pistachio, chocolate, candied fruit made by choosing fresh Sicilian fruits. Furthermore, the last news is that my cannolo is personalised according to the grains. The name of my cannoli are inspired by Sicilian puppets, making them another hallmark.