Salvatore and his ice cream cart: one of us!

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Teamwork is the ability to work together towards a common vision. The ability to direct individual fulfillment towards organized goals. It is the fuel that allows ordinary people to achieve uncommon results.

This is a quote from the British entrepreneur Andrew Carnegie, but perfectly summarizes our company philosophy. If in eight years we have become what we are, we owe it above all to the people who collaborate with us every day. Each element is an important piece of our reality. We are proud to see our team enthusiast and eager to design and build the vehicles we sell all over the world.

One of them can be the symbol of our great little team: Salvatore.
In fact, today we want to talk to you about him. Salvo is our the head of the production department (ornithologist by passion). Our adventure together began before TeknèItalia was what it has become. Except, in fact, there has always been. From the beginning. He saw, lived and shared the labors of the beginnings, the nights, the hope and the enthusiasm for every little success. It lives every day one of the most demanding areas of our company: production.

But Salvo, who sees the birth of every single means signed by TeknèItalia, has done more. He believes so much in the idea of ​​the company that we present, that he has chosen to take on himself, in the first person, the model of moving business that we have proposed.

Indeed, Salvo chose a ice cream cart Procopio P3 for his business as well as being our head of the workshop: rental for events and weddings.
Later, given the great demand, he took another.

These two ice carts are for us the symbol and the result of a long and lasting collaboration, based on mutual trust and esteem. Together, in fact, we have built them and designed them. And every new event or success is a reason for us to be satisfied.

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