6 tips to start your own moving business

6 tips to start your own moving business
27 February 2018 Roberta Moscato

Moving Business can be defined as the commercial selling of high-quality products on mobile food corners, which have a first-rate design in order to present the product properly; it will be sold in places characterised by increased people flows and high target.

“Moving Business” is an alternative to a shop opening in a specific street, offering a given product (though innovative).

This shop will start with fixed costs, and doubtful location and offer. On the contrary, “Moving Business” presents a much more flexible and lighter initial structure; it offers the opportunity to change the offer and to choose, time after time, the type of customer.

Moreover, it provides a further way to do products/customers surveys in different locations.

A clear and competitive idea about the products to be sold.

The offered product must have important features, be a top-quality product. you have to find your “distictive” element  considering the real feasibility og your idea.

Mobile food corners

Carts, motoape (typical Italian three-wheels vehicle), vans, etc. with a snappy design, aimed at attracting customers for selling the specialities offered. Before equipping the mobile food corner, you should know clearly how and where to sell your products: directly to the customers for a single tasting or by take away.

Visible food preparation system

It assures product freshness and fragrance. Furthermore, customers will be able to taste it as if they were in the country of origin of the product.

ice cream cart for catering
ice cream cart for sale
Ape Piaggio ice cream van
ice cream cart for catering

You need a well trained staff that knows how to prepare the product quickly, tidy and cleanly.

Above all, the personnel should tell the story and the characteristics of the product to the customer professionally and warmly.

Choose fast-preparing products

You should offer two/three fast-preparing products in order to avoid long queues.

Advertising and communication

You need advertising banners next to the corner, for publicizing and emphasizing the product, its history, nutritional qualities, calories content, and price.

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