Moving Business: the solution for a new way to do business

Moving Business: the solution for a new way to do business
13 March 2020 Roberta Moscato

The whole world is experiencing an unstable period. We do not want to go into the matter nor analyze its causes and effects. Still, we are aware that an element that unites us all, of course, is the desire to start again more reliable than before.

We at Teknè Italia, in our long experience, have seen many businesses start, stop, and need a new stimulus to start again better than before. We first learned from our mistakes and developed a business model functional to entrepreneurial development: Moving Business.

Why is this business model winning?

  • It is a “different” and dynamic business idea. It adapts and models quickly according to the characteristics of your client (and not vice versa);
  • It allows you to have low costs, especially in the Start-Up phase, to have no fixed costs and to check the real profits quickly;
  • It enables you to improve your marketing strategy more flexibly and rapidly;

Furthermore, in its five different “formulas,” Moving Business has often been a tool for the creation of successful businesses. Also, there are no limits to the imagination. Marcia Gardin, Biancolatte Melbourne, James Coleridge, Chicho Gelato are just some of the cases we have told you about over and over again. But the common element is the power of a business model that facilitates entrepreneurship.

To explain the infinite possibilities of Moving Business, we have planned a series of training moments via webinar.
If you want to know more, contact us or follow us to find out the next dates.