Deep Fryer Food Cart: why invest?

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A recent German study* showed that fried food, and especially fries, are one of the most popular and appreciate food in the world. In short, the frying food (due to their composition of fats and starches) would generate at the cerebral level the stimulation of the centers of reward and pleasure. Apart from the scientific data, it is undoubted that the sale of chips or similar in corners is one of the sector that knows no crisis. First of all for the ease in the preparation and for the low cost of the sale. Proven by the exponential growth of the Dutch model. The secret lies mainly in the quality of the product and in its preparation according to the traditional Dutch and Belgian method.

In this context of potential competitiveness it is necessary to differentiate and optimize investments.

The moving business and our food carts are, in this case, an excellent choice. First of all because it would allow you to have no fixed costs (linked to the opening of a shop), it would also allow you to choose the areas of reference with a greater number of visitors and, last but not least, would allow you to distinguish yourself from other sellers by style and elegance.

Food cart with deep fryer


The potatoes, strictly of first choice, are in fact first boiled for a few minutes and then cut to be fried in special fryers. The end result is very tasty french fries, soft inside and crispy outside.

To make them even tastier, potatoes are finally seasoned with special sauces. The choice is between over 15 different types of sauces ranging from the classic mayonnaise to the more particular ones with an ethnic taste.

Even the packaging plays its part. The fries, in fact, are served in paper rolls (cups) and with wooden sticks that facilitate consumption and prevent the hands from getting dirty. In short, it is the ideal street food for both children and adults.

* Tobias Hoch, researcher at the University of Erlangen-Nureberg, Germany, who presented to the audience of the 245th National Meeting and Exposition of the American Chemical Society in New Orleans and published on PLoS One.