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Corazòn Helado: Follow your heart

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Meet Patrizia and Alessandro, an Italian couple who decided to make a change in their life.

They moved to Mallorca with two kids, two cats and a dog, focused on following their intuition.

Alessandro was tired about his bank job and wanted to get a new possibility opening a gelato shop, Patrizia wanted to start a new life in the city she always loved.

They started learning how to make gelato with Andrea Vescia (gelato master), and finally opened Corazòn Helado in 2017. They bought a Procopio P6 Slim to increase their business, and operate in festivals and events.

Why did they choose the Procopio P6 Slim?

Patrizia and Alessandro have chosen TeknèItalia under suggestion of their refrigeration technician and the advices of Luca Ascentis (La Fabbrica del Gelato – Como) who already has a Procopio P6 since 2011.

Procopio P6 Slim was the right vehicle for their business

– 60 kg of gelato (120 qt.)

– 8 hours of autonomy without electricity

– Fully customized with their logo and colors

“We knew that this should have been our cart, we felt a great connection and when it arrived we realized that it was a real masterpiece and it was exactly like we designed”

In two years, Corazòn Helado has reached an high level of brand awareness, it is a Landmark in Mallorca (Spain) for those who want to taste a good gelato, smoothies coffies and pastries. The Procopio P6 is an important boost that allows them to operate in exhibitions, weddings, events and festivals.

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