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Alain Ducasse: the chef of authentic taste

By Vincenzo Bonarrigo

I realize a dream of youth: an ice cream with a real taste and varied textures. Our ice cream has character. Alain Ducasse

Being part of the realization of a dream gives indescribable emotion and pride.
Then imagine when the dream is that of Alain Ducasse. The Chef of the chefs currently holds the most stars ever: 19 Michelin stars, to be precise.

An all-around love for cooking because the dream changes subject and setting every time.

Alain Ducasse is the fulcrum of a tourbillon crowded with stimuli, customers, sensations. Italy is a great passion of his, and right here with us, he was able to mentor great talents such as Massimo Bottura, Carlo Cracco, Davide Oldani, Andrea Berton.

He is the creator of a new concept of cuisine. In this period of changes, he declared during an interview with Gabriele Principato on Corriere: “Anyone who thinks that everything will be as before is wrong. We need new business models. For example, soon, I will open a shop for handmade shortbread. It’s not strange. I am transforming my skills as a chef into activities dedicated to everyday life.

It is in this vision that La Glace Alain Ducasse is placed. Much more than a gastronomic project, a genuine laboratory of taste and its facets.

At the helm of this adventure, the expert ice cream maker Matteo Casone, and Alain Ducasse studied combinations of contrasts and fragrances such as grapefruit sorbet with Vermouth.

Magical helpers of this beautiful fairy tale are the means of Teknè Italia: a Katerina and two Don Carlo, to be exact. Designed and manufactured to distribute these tasteful jewels during events, fairs, demonstrations, and (who knows) even on the streets of Paris.

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