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The right measure for any occasion

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Slim ice cream carts: a new way to multiply your business opportunities!

We have designed a series of “slim” models.
They have smaller dimensions that other carts and they can be a valid solution for food professionals who works everyday in “limited” spaces.

During the catering or the events, for example, often you don’t have large spaces.
The Procopio Slim or the Katerina Slim have a size ranging from 80 cm to 60 cm. These dimensions mean that the vehicle can easily pass among the tables or can be easily positioned in small spaces. It without giving up all the accessories necessary for daily work. Our team will assist you during the design of your vehicle. Indeed, every cart can be customizables according your need.

However they guarantee high performance: up to 40 kg of ice cream and up to 6 hours of autonomy without electricity.

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