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Ralph Lauren at Milano Design Week has chosen TeknèItalia

By Vincenzo Bonarrigo

Ralph Lauren has recently opened a new shop in Milan, Italy, and to enhance the customer experience, they have collaborated with the renowned gelato shop Umberto 1934 for a unique offering. The collaboration involves the use of a customized Procopio P4 gelato cart and another Procopio Drink cart for serving fresh lemonade.

The gelato cart is customized with Ralph Lauren’s fabric graphics, providing a unique and luxurious touch to the experience. The cart offers a range of flavors, carefully selected in collaboration with Umberto 1934, to offer an authentic Italian gelato experience.

The lemonade cart, also customized with the same fabric graphics, provides a refreshing drink to complement the gelato and complete the experience. The carts are placed in front of the new Ralph Lauren Home shop, offering customers a chance to indulge in a delightful treat while browsing the latest Ralph Lauren collection.

As the producer of these carts, we are honored to have been selected to work on this exciting project. The Procopio P4 gelato cart and the Procopio Drink cart for lemonade are both designed to meet the highest standards of quality and functionality, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for both the customers and the staff.

The collaboration between Ralph Lauren and Umberto 1934 brings together two iconic brands, with a shared commitment to excellence and attention to detail. The customized gelato and lemonade carts are a testament to this collaboration, providing a unique and unforgettable experience for customers visiting the new Ralph Lauren Home shop in Milan.

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