Design in much more than a word

Design is much more than a Word
21 December 2017 Roberta Moscato

We often hear about design, so much so that the word has been “abused” in many contexts. This is why we prefer to talk about “drawing”: the act of putting a thought down on paper.

We like to consider ourselves as those who sit and spend their time “giving life” to what the mind has generated. It is true that a “design”, intended as a project, means much more than the simple act of sketching. We at TeknèItalia highly value this aspect, so much so that our cups are perhaps the clearest manifestation. They are the result of an idea, which leads to a draft to then become a real project. An idea that finds strength in the math and design which support the study of the golden ratio and the research of materials. Our cups can be considered the emblem of “Italian design”.

Patented Lids

That is, that perception of “The Art of Know-how” as something more. The Greeks taught it to us first, and it then found its greatest expression in the Italian Renaissance. The very concept of “Teknè”, which is not part of our name for nothing, is the element that distinguishes us. Our values include knowing the rules for “know-how”, the importance of tradition and craftsmanship, but also constant study. Our technical skills are distinguished by the implication of a method and a strategy in the precise identification of objectives and the most appropriate means to achieve them.