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Ermes Trailer

Ecological solution for your food business

An electric vehicle, ideal in limited traffic zone or park, for your gelato business or events.


Your changing up!

Gea is a low environmental impact, indeed it's an electric vehicle. Environmental protection without sacrificing high performance. 130 km of autonomy, indeed, its motor is extremely quiet and requires less maintenance than DC motors. The special battery guarantees greater number of charges with respect to the technologies commonly used. On board battery charger. Saving money: less than 2 euros to charge completely the vehicle. Also 50% less in costs for maintenance. This vehicle permits you high performance and up to 80 Kg of gelato capacity at your service.



High performance at service of your food business

Ermes Trailer

  • Measures

    142 x 300 x 105
  • Empty weight

  • Load capacity

    40 kg
  • Autonomy

    6/7 h
Technical sheet


Your vehicle can be equipped with userful tools you need daily

Cannolo Filler

COD. 409

Pair of Appendix
Pair of appendix

COD. 545


COD. xxx

Double Lights
Double lights

COD. 205

Cup and spoon holder
Cup and spoons holder

COD. 200

Touch system

Total control in a touch

The digital control system that allows you to monitor and manage the functionality of your vehicle.

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Your vehicle will talk about you

The Gea inside, like all TekneItalia’s products, can be customized in every part. Gea will have to attract your audience. Our long experience in this field and our creative team will ensure high quality support from design to the creation of your ice cream truck.