When Italy means to be ahead

When Italy means to be ahead
26 October 2015 Roberta Moscato

In this period seems strange listen to someone saying that “to be Italian is a benefit“. The economical situation of our country is not consider positive for SMEs, above all if you are a start-up business.


But we think that Made in Italy is always a plus. Of course if it is according to ethics and culture of production. The element that makes unique Italian products are the culture is behind. When you talk about Italy is common thinking a beauty, art, literature, culture, cuisine and, of course, quality.
It’s important use this “commonplace” like a resource.
So, if want to create a new business, the right choise is bet on Italian products.

Remember, however, that you can define something “Made in Italy” only if the raw materials, logistics and manufacturing are Italian. And we believe that it is the real added value of this kind of business.

Also food is a market area where Italy has a recognized quality all around the World.