What’s better than a hearty dish of pasta?

What’s better than a hearty dish of pasta?
24 April 2017 Roberta Moscato

Today (25th of April) is a national holiday in Italy!
It celebrates Italy’s liberation from the Nazi-Fascist regime. And as usual, when we celebrate in Italy it means we meet with family or friends and have lunch together.

Whether for a barbecue or a lunch made up of many courses, it would be unusual for Italian tables to be without a plate of pasta.

What's better than a dish of pasta

Because what’s better than a hearty dish of pasta when one is in good company?

All over Italy there are an immense number of traditional recipes (in terms of ingredients, shapes, and types of cooking): lasagna, baked pasta, tortellini, timbales, cannelloni, etc. Each region enhances its typical products with the ingredient that is the symbol of our beautiful country: pasta.

Precisely in order to celebrate the value of our country’s culinary symbol, we at TeknèItalia thought of an ideal vehicle for the selling of this delicious dish: a traditional dish, which is also a real business opportunity.

Pasta has a number of features that makes it perfect for a mobile business. First, its versatility. In fact, it can be served either hot or cold (for example in salads), it can be precooked or not, it is easy to store, and it also combines with an array of ingredients. Dishing it out, in addition to providing a “picturesque” effect, certainly adds value.


Our ecological vehicle, Gea Inside, is ideal for the sale of dishes based on pasta.

First off because this vehicle allows you have all the necessary equipment for cooking and for selling, all contained in a small space. In addition, Gea is a totally electric vehicle, so it can circulate in areas with limited traffic, and has a range of 80 miles. Further, it has a hauling capacity of more than 6,500 pounds.

In short, why lose out on an opportunity to bring the most authentic taste of Italian cuisine around the world?