We believe in Future

Don Carlo: a solution for your business with a green heart

We believe in Future
5 March 2020 Roberta Moscato

During a crisis, think positive and look toward the future.
We chose to be happy. We have decided to get excited about little things and smile every time we look toward the future. So, we want to help create emotions and make your dreams come true.

In today’s world, this seems to be the new frontier of the rebellious.
Of course, we pay attention to the global situation. Politics, economics, and, above all, ecology are issues of fundamental importance, but we are realists. Journalists are keen to paint the world as an earthly hell because pessimism drives readership. The tragedy increases the audience.

Our solution is to invest time and resources for research and development. The newborn model is Don Carlo, a cycling gelato cart that permits you to improve your business and protect the environment. This vehicle allows you a high level of mobility and can even go in restricted traffic zones, such as pedestrian lanes or modified road areas.

We designed Don Carlo with pastry needs in mind. Thanks to the gelato bike, you can have eight hours of guaranteed autonomy (without electricity) and up to 30 kg of storage capacity.

It is also customizable according to your needs. For example, you can add accessories, such as a scoop washer or blackboard.
Our creative team will help you personalize the livery with texture or graphic design. We guarantee you a creative consultant aimed at building a coordinated image that reflects your brand identity.