Tutti Frutti Brno: a story of love and passion!

Tutti Frutti Brno: a story of love and passion!
13 April 2017 Roberta Moscato

Today we want to tell you about Milan and his wife.

They are a young couple who run — with enthusiasm — a pastel-colored ice-cream shop in Brno in the heart of Moravia. The pair are travelers with a passion for gelato, a passion that they brought back to their “Tutti Frutti” company in Brno from the places that they visited. They spent years traveling, from Italy to India, from Europe to Argentina and ended up back in their beloved Czech Republic. Once they were back, they decided to invest in the purchase of an Ape Car, which we at TeknèItalia had the pleasure of providing them with thanks to our Czech dealer, Césk.

Tutti i Frutti Brno

Exactly a year has passed since the first Don Cola — sky blue — began traveling the streets of Brno, and just a few days ago they received a second Don Cola, this one pink. This pair of Ape Cars sweetens the days in this university town, traveling around dispensing homemade gelato.

We at TeknèItalia have had the honor, the pleasure, and the good fortune to come to know Milan and his wife better, and to find ourselves won over by their passion and the tales of their many journeys.

And perhaps that, too, is what makes the gelato of “Tutti Frutti” more than simply special. The gelato is made from 100% natural ingredients, contains no colorings or preservatives, and is vegan. The gelato is never the same from one day to the next, since the flavors that they sell vary with the season and with the availability of ingredients. One taste is enough to let you feel the dedication that goes into making it. Every day, in fact, Milan personally selects the ingredients for his ice cream at the local market.

The story of Milan is one of success and professionalism. We wanted to share it with you because it shows how “moving business” represents a solid (and real) business opportunity.

P.S.: The “Tutti Frutti” family continues to grow, with two more Don Colas soon to be arriving in Brno. And who knows what colors these two will “wear.”