TeknèItalia and Giovanni Rana: a question of feeling

TeknèItalia and Giovanni Rana: a question of feeling
8 May 2017 Roberta Moscato

The beauty of Verona, a Guzzi moped, and a great passion – pasta!
That’s how Giovanni Rana’s story began, and it’s now become a major production company. The epitome of internationally-renowned Made in Italy quality.

But what are the ingredients of the Giovanni Rana company, which conquered first the palates and then the hearts of the Italians (and others besides!)

A little morsel packed with filling” that started out in Verona and gradually introduced its pasta to the whole world. A story of flavour from a bygone age where quality, taste and family are still the essential ingredients. Giovanni Rana is indisputably a large international company now, leading the field in Europe, if not further afield.

Giovanni Rana

Following on from the success with pasta, the company opened a string of restaurants bearing the name of the owner – Giovanni Rana. A clever response to the changing times.
All Giovanni Rana restaurants have embraced the fast-food dynamic of providing quick meals at low prices, offering excellent quality first course pasta dishes.

The “filling” in this story is flavoured with “family” – working together. The spirit of homemade goodness that we at TeknèItalia embrace to the full. And it may also be the “question of feeling” that brought us together. So yes, we’re honoured to produce the Katerina pasta for Giovanni Rana, and like any long journey, we’ll let you know what happens when we get to the end.