TeknèItalia and Eataly still together

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It is with great pride that I inform you that Eataly has again chosen to trust us at TeknèItalia to create two cannoli carts that will soon be located at their New York and Chicago stores. These last two carts will bring us to a total of 6, and will be placed in two new “Cannoli Bars” created to let customers taste typical Sicilian desserts filled on the spot. In these two stores it will be possible to taste the classic versions with ricotta or the more creative variants created by various pastry chefs.

A consolidated partnership, thanks also to the excellent work of our dealer Modalità, which strengthens and renews itself in the sharing of values ​​and goals that make us proud.
“Made in Italy” is far more than a simple indication of origin. To use the same words as Eataly’s Patron Oscar Farinetti: “We were born in the most beautiful country in the world, not by choice but by luck. And too often we forget it.

In fact, we at TeknèItalia also believe in “apparent contradictions.” That is, the ability to combine informality with authority to recount and spread the best of Italy. In our case, quality raw ingredients and our expertise are put at the service of street food. We are also convinced that “distancing the end of the world as much as possible must become the new business: it will create a ton of jobs, new objects, new services” as Oscar Farinetti also recently stated. For our part, we have designed a green, eco-friendly line designed to meet a worldwide need: to learn to respect our environment.