Würth: a successful business relationship!

Würth: a successful business relationship!
20 July 2016 Roberta Moscato

Tekné Italia’s staff believe that is important mantain high quality standard in every production phase. So, we pay attention to use the best raw materials, highly qualified personnel and we are careful to rely on prestigious suppliers.

Würth Cart

This is the reason why we choose Würth equipment in the achievement of our vehicles. Our partnership have been consolidated since the beginning of our business, because we believe that Würth is a reliable supplier, careful to small and medium-sized enterprises and artisans. The aspect that make better than others the business relationship with this company is the assistence. Würth’s officers are trained to understand the real needs of customers and to suggest them the best solution. So, we have met Corrado (Würth’s agent) who help us to invest in the best equipment for our company.

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In the last edition of Würth’s magazine you can read an article about us and the partnership with Würth. As a symbol of business relationship we have designed a special Procopio.