Tekné Italia presents the new "green" models

Tekné Italia presents the new "green" models
10 May 2016 Roberta Moscato

TeknéItalia is near to the ideal of Smart City. We believe that the urban environment have to be designed to combat the ills exuded by large cities – poor hygiene, pollution, contamination of nature due to urban sprawl, etc. – on a day-to-day basis. So also the business have to be in line with the principles of respect for the environment and preservation of biodiversity.

Apollo and Gea

In this context we have created a new line projected to be environmentally friendly.  Today we want to show you precisely these two new models: GEA and APOLLO. They are totally low environmental impact: Gea, indeed, is an electric vehicle and Apollo is solar-powered one.

The name Apollo is ispired to namesake Greek God because the sun is the symbol of this vehicle. Apollo is the first cycling model, designed to be the right solution for food business like Café, selling of cannolo, gelato and smoothies. It is a complete little shop and it permits you to have every equipment you need.

Apollo Green Line by Tekneitalia

Also Gea, instead, is ispired to Earth Mother (in mythology she was mother goddess). Gea is totally an electrical vehicle and it is designed to be the ecological solution for selling food like gelato, cannoli, fritters, fried food, pastries, smoothies, café and pasta.