#TEDxSSC: change the World is possible

#TEDxSSC: change the World is possible
23 November 2015 Roberta Moscato

TED is a no profit iniziative that promotes ideas worth spreading.
And this is the spirit that guided us when we have decided to support the Catania edition: TEDx SSC.
According to the purpouses of the event, we believe also that a simple and good idea could change “the World”. And Teknè Italia itself demonstrates that a simple idea could be the key of a successful business.

The next 19th of December, at Scuola Superiore di Catania, will be present ideas, technologies and stories that have been successful despiting the limits of space and time, unfortunate situations, or intrinsic challenges.

TEDx SSC is one of the moments allow to meet different realities and to understand that the change is possible, just believing it and doing something. Think in a different way is a starting point.


To demonstrate that change is in every kind of activity the next 19th of December we will listen to ten speakers of different areas: from sport to technology, from cinema to research, from design to music.

Ideas are the engine of the future, and the more important element of TEDx SSC, maybe, is that this event would be a better way to match each others, a moment of reflection during understand what we can do.