Sunday at Sigep is meant satisfaction.

Sunday at Sigep is meant satisfaction.
25 January 2016 Roberta Moscato

Satisfaction is what Francesco Ozzimo, pastry chef of Il Gelato di Oz, has felt yesterday when he won the Fabbri 1905’s contest: “Gelato 100 e lode”.

Nicola Fabbri and ice cream cart by Teknéitalia

He was the best among other six pastry chefs, selected during last year, creating a new taste called “Amarandola”. Do you want to try it? So come to meet him in “Il Gelato di Oz” shop. More than he has received a Procopio cart special edition, dedicated to the first 100 hundred years of Amarena Fabbri.

Francesco Ozzimo winner of Gelato 100 e lode contest

But sunday was also the day of Procopio Aluminium official presentation.
This new model’s line is lighter and suitable for cycling. Also it’s only extractable pedal-assist bicycle and it will allow you to move in total freedom and respect for the environment.

This model is compact and easy to move, and it is perfect to organize events. Its capacity is up to 40 Kg of Gelato/Ice-cream and it has more than 7 hours of autonomy. It’s the perfect evolution for moving business.

From June 2016 Procopio Aluminium will be available fitted with YueTu touch screen system, it will help you to check and control every functions of the carts. YueTu system is studied to be part of every TeknéItalia’s models.

Aluminium ice cream cart by TeknéItalia