A special Sunday at Sigep 2017!

A special Sunday at Sigep 2017!
23 January 2017 Roberta Moscato

We met a lot of old friends at Sigep this year.
So, we would like to say thanks to who has passed just to say hello.
Our customers are very important for us, and it’s always a pleasure to see them. In particular we had the pleasure to meet again Pascucci Stamperia.
They collaborated with us making the canopy of Katerina cart for “The Ovo by Carlo Cracco” Restaurant in Moscow. So, we are very proud to work with them because they share with us the values of Made in Italy and Quality. We hope to work with them together again.


Then, it was a pleasure to meet Alessandro Marchese. One of older customers. We talked about him some months ago, but it’s a badge of honor his Italian success story. Furthermore, yesterday we have seen a Finnish friend: Antin Konditoria‘s owner. Could be the time to choose another gelato cart?