Soft ice cream cart

Do you have a soft ice cream machine?
Or do you want to have one?

Soft ice cream and frozen yogurt can be a real business opportunity. Indeed, this kind of product can be served “at the moment” and can be added with a lot of different seasonings.

Soft ice cream cart Tekneitalia

Serving protection shelf

Handwash kit

Refrigerated topping containers

Predisposition for soft ice cream machine (not included)

Additional shelf for cash drawer

Refrigerated or neutral drawer

Strengths and opportunities of soft ice cream and frozen yogurt

It’s easy to prepare

Using a soft ice cream machine you can create a freshly made mix which is your own bespoke recipe using raw ingredients such as good milk and cream, or simply buy a pre-made liquid or powder base which is ready to go by adding to the machine.

It’s versatile

Soft whipped ice cream or yogurt can be served on a cone, in a cup, with a dessert, as a sundae or even as a base for a thick shake.

Optimisation of production costs

Usually the soft serve machines turn fresh ingredients into sumptuously creamy product, ready to serve in a matter of minutes. Lighter than air, the smooth texture and speed at which it can be prepared ensure fresh soft ice cream or frozen yogurt available instantly on demand.

Our soft ice cream cart is designed to improve your business opportunity.

In this model you have the possibility to serve a soft ice cream making at the moment.

If I’ve already have a soft ice cream machine, we can install yours.

Our soft ice cream cart can be customized according your need.

Standard it has wide spaces to use during the service. You can choose also to have additional cool box, display, topping spaces, cups and spoons holder, additional appendix for cash drawer, etc..