Sicilian style is a guarantee of success

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A new Procopio talking about exciting Sicily

Baroque, warm, colorful and multifaceted. We are talking about Sicily, of course. The land of the Gattopardo, the land of Norman nobility. The land of myths and legends, the land of masterful sweets, intense scents and, of course, good food.

Sicily is the universal symbol of beauty, and unfortunately, also of ugliness when it is associated with the mafia or corrupt government.

Sicilian style and decor

Nevertheless, Sicily is a land that conquers. With its overwhelming passion, it is now an icon in the international imagination, and we are proud to call it OUR land.

An island with unique features that for its thousand faces has caused many great men to fall in love, besides our locals. From Goethe to Rossellini, leading to Visconti, then Dolce & Gabbana who made Sicily their trademark.

It precisely this being “Sicilian” that the Nassi family holds dear to their hearts. A history that they wanted to tell in their own Procopio. It was a carefully choreographed work.

Everything started with a sketch on a white sheet, and slowly it developed into a detailed project graphic. The result is a unique design that decorates the pattern of their ice cream carriage.

The symbolic elements of our Sicily in an elegant and impressive high impact design. From Trinacria to the traditional Sicilian Pupo, up to the decorations of the renowned Sicilian carts.

Sicilian Cart of Nassi

Trait d ‘union with bold colors, such as those that characterize the Sicilian vistas, which further emphasize the vintage lines of the cart.

The location, of course, is what lends that exceptional certain “something” to the vehicle. In fact, you will find the Procopio of the Nassi family in Taormina. This city with its meandering streets and flower filled balconies, is one of the most popular tourist destinations around the world.