Our Seventh Year, it’s Never Going to Suffer

Our Seventh Year, it’s Never Going to Suffer
4 July 2017 Roberta Moscato

TeknéItalia turns seven!

Another birthday has arrived: today is our seventh birthday. We have to admit that we love this number. First of all because seven is the series of vehicles that we designed and made: Procopio, Katerina, Apollo, Don Peppino, Don Cola, Gea and Don Giovanni.

Teknè Italia turns 7

Our seventh year, it’s never going to suffer. Instead we can call it “The year of changes and development”. It is no coincidence that seven is an important symbol of human history and culture. Seven is the number of the days of the week, the musical notes, the colours of the rainbow, the wonders of the world and we can go on and on.

There are many other numbers in this year 2017.

First of all we have started a review and renew of company organisation and production processes. Soon, we will relocate our office and manufacturing plant in a new and more spacious place. Also we will apply a new production method, it will help us to satisfy the many requests we receive every day.

We move us to remember that at the beginning we were just three people, and now we are more than twenty. Our first year we made about ten vehicles and now we produce about one hundred, the numbers seem to be on our side and this is a real motivator to keep making it better.

On this special day we want to say thanks to everybody who is part of the big family of Teknè Italia, who follow us and who has chosen to use us an our vehicles.