Neviera - Teknèitalia


The new way to conceive frozen smoothies

The characterist taste and the freshness makes frozen smoothies a very high profitable business.


Your changing up!

Your complete Granita Shop in a small space. Neviera contains all the features and technology to make a complete Granita point of sales.



Your vehicle can be equipped with userful tools you need daily

Cannolo Filler

COD. 409

Pair of Appendix
Pair of appendix

COD. 545


COD. xxx

Double Lights
Double lights

COD. 205

Cup and spoon holder
Cup and spoons holder

COD. 200

Touch system

Total control in a touch

The digital control system that allows you to monitor and manage the functionality of your vehicle.

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Your cart will talk about you

The Neviera, like all TekneItalia’s products, can be customized in every part. Neviera cart will have to attract your audience. Our long experience in this field and our creative team will ensure high quality support from design to the creation of your frozen smoothies cart.