A new "Don Peppino" is in town!

A new "Don Peppino" is in town!
30 June 2017 Roberta Moscato

It’s named after Don Cola, but it’s called “Don Peppino Eis” and you can see it around the streets of Rust and Ettenheim in Germany.

Jürgen, the owner, will offer you artisanal gelato, prepared according to the traditional Sicilian method, but reinterpreted in many different ways: from gelato with croissants to the most creative gelato spaghetti and from Sundaes to smoothies. In short, there is really a lot to suit everyone, and the means that we have created is the perfect solution to support Jürgen’s work.

In fact, Don Cola inside is a real temporary shop in line with the Moving Business philosophy. Therefore it is possible to change location every single day and optimize investments.

Eis Gelato

Jürgen has chosen to refresh his customers’ palates by offering them, in addition to artisanal gelato, fresh seasonal fruit, which he also uses as decoration. This is possible thanks to the removable refrigerated display case, allowing him to increase the range of products offered.
Furthermore, each day “Don Peppino Eis” can contain up to eight different gelato flavors in the glycol thermowells for a total capacity of 80 kg.

Jürgen’s work is made easier also thanks to the many additional accessories such as the scooper cleaner, hand-washer, cup and cone holders, etc.
All this in just 2 sqm of space. In fact, our Don Cola inside is designed to offer many services in a tiny space.

Peppino Eis