Moving business: the solution for the crisis.

Moving business: the solution for the crisis.
6 October 2015 Roberta Moscato

One of the more difficult challenge in the new business, full of competition, is mixed tradition and innovation. It’s more complicated for the SMEs that often are not able to bear the fixed costs.

“Moving business” could be the solution. It can be a good strategy that does not involve economic hedges too costly for a small enterprise.

This is not the classic concept “street vending“, it is rather the product integration not only typical, but above all high quality and rigorously Made in Italy, with a corner that it is dynamic and high value aesthetically, and let stand out from the myriad of possible competitors.


The righ position, where the influx of people is high, and the guarantee of a quality standard are the starting points to a new productive business. It’s important to sell a original product, made at the time. This is at the base of a successfull “Moving Business”.
The food is now a cultural element and it is linked to the myth and to the sense of pleasure you feel by tasting: the freshness and preparation in view are undoubtedly of value added.

The corner (like a cart) have to be aesthetically attractive, it have to communicate quality immediately. Then you have to choose skilled and trained staff and it’s better have also material illustrating the history of the product.
Obviously the style and personality of the food corner will be designed specifically for the product sold.

This kind of business involves costs less than a store, and allows you to change the offer according how the audience responds.
In short, the analysis of costs and expenses, for who want to invest in food business, there is an investment of less than this!

Here, you can download an extract of our complete thesis about moving business.