Lead or not to Lead the success of your company

Become a leader in your business

Lead or not to lead, the success of your company


€ 300 + taxes
€ 250 + taxes (participants in other TeknèItalia’s courses)

This course is aimed at entrepreneurs and personnel managers and anyone who wants to improve company management and that of their team, working in a reasoned, sustainable and strategic way for their business and for their business.

Through REAL strategies and case studies, the result of experience in the field of the teacher, we will learn how to identify the “enemies” of our success.

The course is intensive and advanced and provides basic knowledge of business dynamics.

To adequately deal with all the points in the program and to be able to show live how to do it and to answer the clarification requests it is necessary that all the students have already sufficiently clear the fundamental concepts concerning the management of the company.

2 days of training, the light lunch together with the teacher, the multimedia slides, the book “Organize to Create, the certificate of participation”.

The training courses organized by TeknèItalia also continue outside the classroom. By participating in our courses, you have access to the support and discussion group between pupils and teachers, where you can compare yourself with the experiences, problems, and solutions of other people and create links that often give rise to collaborations and work.

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