an opportunity to your business

Katerina is the focal point of your business

Much more than an ice cream cart.

For our customers, we create some food carts with a strong brand identity. Equipment, materials, graphics, and colors are scrupulously customized to make your food cart a communication and marketing tool at the service of the company.

An elegant recognizable design

Its iconic, patented shape makes it recognizable in any context. A symbol of style and uniqueness that is easily harmonized without “bullying”.

Perfect to be used in events or catering.


Versatile, it looks good anywhere

Thanks to its elegant but not overbearing design, the Katerina cart is perfect to be placed outdoor or indoors. This model amplifies your potentiality because it can be an extension of your services in the shop or to offer catering services outside.

It is perfect outdoors, to be used for events, catering or as a “pop-up store”. But also indoors to create a secondary distribution point or amplify the store’s offer with an additional product (eg. I have a pastry shop and I add the sale of ice cream).

Available in many different measures

Katerina adapts to the needs of your business (both for the features available and for the measures). From the smallest to the largest model, our carts help you increase your turnover. Even if you don’t have enough space.

Emotions on a silver plate

With a slightly provocative phrase, we want you to discover how Katerina manages to be a tool to generate emotions.

Our food cart surprises evoking memories, so it becomes unforgettable. With the cart obviously you too.

This feature makes it the ideal cart to use for events, parties, weddings, or catering services in general.

Easy to carry

Thanks to the cableway tent, the Katerina cart further reduces its measures. Facilitating movement and installation.

The wheels, then, allow you to move it easily.

Resistant surfaces that last over time

The choice of materials is an important part of the design. All surfaces are made of stainless steel or with the materials used in professional kitchens to ensure a long life.

Katerina ice cream cart

Your communication is important

Our vehicles provide ample space for your communication.

We give wide visibility to the graphic and creative elements that characterize your brand. During the customization of the cart, indeed you will be followed by our professional graphic designers who will be able to advise and support you in customizing the Katerina cart that must tell about you.

Luxury details

The chromed or gold plated cups, the knobs, and all the accessories that can be installed on the Katerina cart have been the result of research into the combination of functionality and elegance.

Beautiful and functional

Katerina cart can be equipped according to your needs with washing machine, hand wash basin, boiler as well as guaranteeing a capacity of 40kg and an autonomy of 6h without electricity.


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