Italian Restaurants at the top in the 2018 world rankings

Italian Restaurants at the top in the 2018 world rankings
27 November 2018 Roberta Moscato

The top 10 of TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is increasingly acting as a trend detector. Few days ago it has been published the world ranking of 2018 relating to the world of restaurants and catering.

We are proud to find out that even this year Italy has obtained the “Gold Medal”.
The foreign travelers have appreciated and approved the Italian way of doing catering and the quality of the dishes, on the other hand the Italians have been more severe in evaluating our local gastronomic offer.
The nation that appreciates the most Italian cuisine is the United States. New entry among the estimators of the gastronomic offer of our country compared to last year are Slovakia, Albania and Bulgaria, which took the place of Israel, Chile and Hungary, which remain out of this year’s ranking.
There is also an important factor to highlight.
The trend for the restaurant sector remains, also for this year, the trend linked to new and original sales formats. This factor confirms a dynamic and constantly evolving sector. The fast-moving urban life effects the expectations of the customers. That’s why the gastronomic experiences with “the wow effect” have (and will have) one more appeal.
Today trend is for prestigious fast-food restaurants, monothematic ones, restaurants that combine food with other attractions like risto-bars, ethno-chic, temporary restaurants, menu for the tea, for the beers and so on. 
Nowadays, the mentality and the ways of enjoying people have changed, so now the difficulty of doing high-level catering lies in the “distraction” of the people, who evaluate factors such as speed and comfort, often even regardless of price. In this context, the “Moving Business” in its versions of food trucks and “pop-up restaurant” confirms this winning trend.
In reality, this way of doing business does not penalize the quality of the product. It also offers the possibility to move around its gastronomic proposal through food trucks, moreover it allows to open only for a certain period of time for a more dynamic business management.