How Italians do things

How Italians do things
30 March 2017 Roberta Moscato

On social networks the “How Italians do things” meme, which references Italian gestures and the culinary aspect of Italian culture, is having huge success.
Italian cuisine is famous all over the world for being an expression of values such as taste and tradition.

Confirming just how strong the Italian food and wine culture is, we remind you that the Mediterranean diet’s nutritional model has recently been promoted by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

It is clear that the characteristics of the Italian territory and its climate make it possible to produce high quality raw materials, which then become the finest ingredients in many recipes.
Another aspect that makes it unique is its extreme variety. From region to region you can try dishes which are completely different from each other, in terms of ingredients, cooking methods and taste.
Italian cuisine is popular enough to be imitated (well or poorly) in most of the world and you can find an “Italian Restaurant” in every city.

How Italians Do

Italians are also (perhaps) the most copied and parodied people (sometimes with reason, but no one can say they aren’t funny). But we have identified some reasons that make the ‘Italian Way of Fooding’ an added value:

    Italian production, using Italian products, is a “value” that is recognised throughout the world (the phenomenon of Italian Sounding – the use of geographical names, trademarks and images that seem Italian, in order to promote and market products that are foreign and not actually Italian – is the most blatant form of unfair competition, seeking to exploit a universally recognised value).
    Because “Made in Italy” products are put through quality control systems to guarantee complete food safety.
    To understand and pass on the history, the land and the values behind every good Italian product.
    What characterises the Italian companies’ internationally valued “way of doing things”.
    Because the joy of sitting around the table together is a typical Italian value.
    Because meals are not just about consuming but about savouring flavours and fragrances in the best way possible.
    Elements that are never missing at a typical Italian table.
    Because knowing how to cook Italian food well, means knowing how to impress not only the taste buds but also the eyes.
    Because scientific studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet is healthy for people and the environment.
    To protect and spread around the world.