The importance to sell a quality product

The importance to sell a quality product
16 October 2015 Roberta Moscato

Quality and creativy are the keys of success.
Obviously these are not the only elements to build a good business, being dynamic and able to respond to every customer needs.


It’s difficult define what QUALITY is, but we want try. First of all the essential characteristics are:

  • Sophisticated design that tells something about your product.
    Looks also counts, it is the first presentation, the call to action that permit the customer to choose you among the others. Also is often synonymous of high quality, because people combine what they see with what they think you can offer them.
  • Superiority over the competitors.
    Someone could think that superiority is closed related to economic viability. But it is not correct. This economic period has determine that customers search the originality, something to desire and have. If you are able to build these kind of business the price of your products will be not a discriminating factor. Indeed people will not able to compare yours to custormers’ ones, because there are no term of comparison.
  • Aesthetic appeal.
    Such us your corner (or store) is your first “business card“, also the product you sell have to mantain the same aesthetic level. It have to seem desirable and customers have to want it (also if they are not able to buy it).
  • Originality.
    It is your distinctive “sign”, it is the plus the only you have. But it is not complex how you can think, indeed the originality could be expressed in presentation mode of the products or among the variety of your offering, for example.

Moving business is the more suitable applying these elements, building a successfull business investing less than you open a store.