Happy birthday Vespa!

Happy birthday Vespa!
4 May 2016 Roberta Moscato

This year the famous Vespa Piaggio celebrates seventy years. We would tell more about this special vehicle because it was (and also it is) a symbol of the best Italian design and technology.

Happy birthday Vespa

We decide to celebrate this occasion because we agree with Vespa’s vision to “everything is possible“.

We’ve always been looking up Vespa’s attention for details and its researched design following the proportions and ergonomic principles. This is also one of the reason because we have decide to create some of our food mobile vehicles using Piaggio’s model. Our Don Peppino and Don Cola are, indeed, two different varying for selling Gelato and others foods.

TeknéItalia food mobile vehicles

Soon you will see on our website the new Don Peppino and Don Cola models, but also available on request, that are projected according food trucker needs. They are the real little shop where you can find everything you need to work: specific equipment for the preparation of meals or for the preservation of ingredients.