Gelato Buonissimo, taste and quality in Busselton

Gelato Buonissimo, taste and quality in Busselton
12 October 2015 Roberta Moscato

Gelato Buonissimo is the first and longest-running authentic Italian ice creamery in Western Australia, and is greatly responsible for beginning a gelato craze in the state.

From 2001 Vettorel family had opened Gelato Buonissimo store in Busselton (Australia).

Enzo, one of the owners,  after learning the precise art of artisan ice cream making from trusted friend Giovanni Michielan, assembled all the finest Italian ice cream bases and the freshest Australian ingredients to create a range of over 60 simple flavours, choosing a different selection to sell every day.

The Gelato Buonissimo

The gelato is produced each morning and it is made from fat-reduced milk and 90-100% sugar (sucrose) free, as they opt to use mostly fructose, a healthier sugar suitable also for those with diabetes. Some non-dairy flavours are present each day and they are 100% fat free. No additives, colourings or artificial flavours are used. The gelato has been calculated as healthier than ice cream provided by Weight Watchers.

Almost fourteen years after its opening, the ice cream is still daily produced by the same maker, maintaining a respected family business true to its customers.

The choise to use ice cream carts made by Teknèitalia is according to aim of offering a gelato of ever increasing quality and presented to customers a modern version of the famous old ice-cream cart which respects the true ancient tradition which began around 150 years ago, from the then unknown valleys of the Venetian Dolomites.


The Gelato Buonissimo hopes to involve their customers in rediscovering the old atmosphere of popularity, cheerfulness and goodness that has always accompanied quality gelato everywhere in the world.