Gaston Glacier

A vintage ice cream shop in Bruxelles

Gaston Glacier: a vintage ice cream shop in Bruxelles
20 September 2019 Roberta Moscato

Its colors are blue, red, and white. The iconic elements? A neon red sign, wooden tables, a wide display and… a TeknèItalia’s ice cream cart.

We met Gaston in 2017 when the owner decided to buy one of our vehicles. He needed to create a point of interest, an attractive element. And also he wants to have a tool to improve Gaston Glacier’ services.
The challenge was to design and handcrafted a food cart that talks about Gaston Glacier. Do you think the request is overcome?

Procopio P8 says: “Welcome” to customers because it’s located right in front of the Gaston Glacier. The setting then makes it almost a cult object. The choice of a cart of such prestige is synonymous with the quality of artisanal gelato. Gaston Glacier, indeed, offers a wide variety of gelato flavors. The distinctive value? The original combination of genuine and always fresh ingredients. You can find some goodies like Piedmont hazelnuts or Madagascar vanilla.

Here is a beautiful proof of quality, at Gaston Glacier, the pastry chef prepares your gelato in front of you. The laboratory is visible.

Gaston Glacier is not only a parlor, but it is also a tea room open all year long. Therefore no excuses and who were in Brussels a visit is a must.

Gaston Glacier

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