From Portugal with Love

From Portugal with Love
3 August 2015 Roberta Moscato

Heladeria Colon

Sometime innovation is synonymous of tradition.
Could sounds as a unusual assertion, but it isn’t.

Experience and knowledge are important cultural baggages, a special resource to increase own business.

Heladeria Colòn is an instance of power of expertise and intuition.
From father to son, Heladeria Colòn continues to satisfy Portuguese (and not only) palates. They believe that little is better.

Few ice cream tastes, but the maximum quality of ingredients. Just this is the recipe of 94 years of success work in La Coruña, in northwest Portugal.
Heladeia Colon

Some day ago, we are glad to read their e-mail that telling about genuineness and passion have earned a value added (and new business opportunity) to their company thanks Procopio.

Ice cream cart permitted to invest in moving event like wedding or concerts, keeping Heladeria Colòn identity but diversifying offer.