Five tips to organize a high-quality catering

Five tips to organize a high-quality catering
7 February 2020 Roberta Moscato

Manage a catering service is not simple. Maintaining high-quality has to be your first purpose. You have to handle technical and functional aspects but also the emotional ones. Indeed, when you “move out” your food service, you will be able to transfer even the sentiments and influences of your restaurant (if you have one).

The moving

First of all, you will be able to plan the menù and, above all, the moving of your food. It could be obvious, but it is not. Imagine if you will transport the ready canapes. You could run the risk to “destroy” everything. It’s also crucial to consider the distance and the possibility of having temperature excursions. 

The time

Your clients will expect to find some very nice looking food! 

So, you will have to be careful in any moment of the preparation. You can’t permit to spend too much money (also because in this case you will not be able to recover in any way). Here the calculation of the Food Cost – in “TeknèItalia Academy” we have a specific course about it – and the Labor Cost helps you.

It is essential to think about all the difficulties that food encounters. Let me explain better, referring to the times that pass from when the food is cooked and ready to when it will be exposed and tasted during catering. You will have to be careful with the cooking of the pasta if not made on the spot, mindful that it does not dry out too much and does not disassemble along the way.

The team

The people you choose in your “team” will be your “visit card” or also your “welcome.” They are essential in a restaurant, much more than you are in a different location. They “invade” the spaces of others, but they must know how to move with class, respect, and giving the feeling of knowing the place to perfection. Remember, your team will be responsible – with the executive Chef – of the general layout and presentation. 

The working flow

It’s crucial to reduce the work phases. So, the use of semi-finished is the right solution, because it will permit assemblage the food. Maybe you could organize the mini cooking show. It could be another added value for your catering. Remember, techniques or “special effects” must be considered as quality enhancers: if you start from a good product, you will have an even better product!

Refuse, theft and transportation

You will have to check if you have everything (dishes and tablecloths). Also, if there were losses or broken plates. These elements affect costs. 

It’s essential to have a manager able to make decisions or to be available to customers to solve any problems.