Family is not about colours, it’s about values!

Family is not about colours, it’s about values!
17 May 2018 Roberta Moscato
Tekneitalia has no colour

Often we hear about the concept of “family”, so we want to say what TeknèItalia thinks about this hot topic.

Everyday, we live the life of a “family” company. This is not only because TeknèItalia was born from entrepreneurial spirit of two brothers, Vincenzo and Giorgio. It is especially because everyday we share and promote family values (without following traditional gender roles).

It’s important for us to focus on this topic, because we believe that family values are the force behind kind of successful activity (not only business ones). Thinking of it another way, the company where you work is another kind of family. So it is important to promote education and learning opportunities.

Cooperation, gender equality, promotion of culture and appreciation of cultural diversity are the values that we try to live up to day by day.
This way of working has also spread among our retailers. We believe in dialogue and taking good advice. By building-up a winning network of customers and suppliers, together we can create mutual and lasting value.

This is why we decided to present ourselves as a “big family”, composed of a different kind of couple. Each of us with our own personal characteristics can contribute and give added value to our company.