Everyday is Take Your Dog To Work Day

Everyday is Take Your Dog To Work Day
26 June 2017 Roberta Moscato

“There’s something about pets that really brings people together”
[Carol Moulton, Director, American Humane Society]

It is a phrase so true. Everyday is “take your dog to work day” in TeknèItalia.

Indeed Gedeone is much more than a mascot: he is a friend, a colleague and a careful supervisor. We are talking about Vincenzo’s bassethound, also it is as if he were all of us.

Gedeone, TeknèItalia's dog

It’s a pleasure to see him wander around our office. And it’s very nice to see how he checks everything. We can confirm that our morale and worker productivity are higher when he’s with us. We love him and we spoil him very much (maybe too much).

We are happier because he’s very funny and he’s able to give a lot of love just looking you. He never despises a mouthful and he can be very convincing when he wants something. Some days ago it was his birthday, he turns two years, so we want to celebrate him telling everybody how gratifying it is take your dog to work.