Everybody wants to have an Ape Car.

Everybody wants to have an Ape Car.
28 January 2016 Roberta Moscato

Absolutely, it’s the Ape Car the future of street food and moving business. And our Don Peppino was the protagonist of #Sigep2016, that ended yesterday.

At Sigep were two different Don Peppino models: one with 8 bowls and one with showcase.
Soon we will present 25 new models, which will be customizated according food business needs and they will be available for any kind of food business.

Ape cart will be the basic model for many varieties: barbeque, fritters, pastries and more… The real novelty is that these models allow you to stay inside the Ape cart. An automatic system will open and close the canopy and YueTu will allow you to check and manage any function of Ape Car.

Ape car is good for who want have a fruitful business with a small investment, indeed it guarantee you mobility and control of costs.