Ermes Vehicle

Find your way

A new patented versatile functional elegant vintage profitable vehicle by TeknèItalia

As Hermes led traders along the right path, similarly Ermes is a vehicle that will help you find your way into the business.

Ermes Vehicle

The spirit of a new way to conceive business

Hermes, for the ancient Greeks, manifested itself in any exchange. This explains his being related to the changes in man’s fate, the exchange of goods, the interviews and the exchange of information customary in commerce.

With this spirit we decided to call this new vehicle, patented by TeknèItalia, with the name of this divinity so ingenious and dynamic. Now we are very proud to introduce you Ermes.

We have created a highly versatile three-wheeled vehicle, with vintage lines that allows you to discover new ways for your business.


A vintage design with a technologic heart

The retro lines are reminiscent of the 50s, that period in which we rediscovered a bit ‘all the desire to rebuild, experiment, do something new.

And inside this TeknèItalia’s design hides a highly patented technological system, which will allow you to experiment with new business sectors.


It helps you to express your potential

Many models that will allow you to explore many sectors: from the food and wine world to that of transport in areas with limited traffic.

Moreover, Ermes, is a vehicle that respects the environment, eco-friendly, totally electric will help you protect the environment without sacrificing performance.

Totally customizable

Each part of Ermes is customizable according to the needs of our customers.

Our team of professionals will assist you in the graphic personalization of the livery, as well as in the selection of the most useful accessories to help in your working day.

Ermes is suitable for use in the food and wine freight transport public transport direct sales