Ellenos and TeknèItalia

A family love

Ellenos and TeknèItalia: a family love
6 November 2019 Roberta Moscato

We esteem so much Ellenos. What we love about Ellenos are genuineness and authenticity. 

Can we be honest with you? We are a bit like them too. A big family that loves what does every day. 

Also, TeknèItalia was born from family, and every element of our team is a part of it. Real or “in-laws.”  

Ellenos produces a high-quality Greek yogurt, because they make it uniquely: slowly, with pure milk, cultures, natural sweetness, and freshest fruits. And only in this way Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt is the yummy and absolute outcome of a really yogurt-obsessed family.

We do our food carts and truck in the same way. Handcrafted.


Why are we talking about them?

Because we have designed and realized seven yogurt carts for them (thanks to our dealer Modalità). The vehicles are unique because they are “tailor-made” according to the specific needs of Ellenos. For example, the rack to show the packaged yogurts and under the refrigerated trays to keep the fresh yogurt to serve customers.

Now the carts are traveling to the USA, and we can’t wait to discover how Ellenos will use them.