Earth Day: so that the Earth is respected every day.

Earth Day: so that the Earth is respected every day.
22 April 2017 Roberta Moscato

On April 22, we will celebrate Earth Day, the biggest global environmental event.
A day during which over 192 countries from around the world come together to safeguard our most valuable asset: the Earth.

It has been nearly 50 years since the first Earth Day (the first official event dates back, in fact, to April 22, 1970) and over time, its educational and informational value has grown tremendously. Not only because it is an opportunity to focus attention on global issues (pollution, destruction of ecosystems, extinction of species, depletion of resources, etc.), but also because it becomes the collective time to “join forces” and educate ourselves (and others) in order to change our daily behavior.

Earth Day

At TeknèItalia, we feel that we are an integral part of the “Green Generation” because we hope that the entrepreneurial future will convert to the use of renewable sources and take responsibility, as much as possible, towards sustainable consumption. We try, as best we can, to promote the development of green economy and an educational system (even at company level) aimed at environmental issues.

For our part, we have started designing two entirely eco-friendly vehicles, and soon we will present the others, Gea and Apollo. Our green couple, is designed to meet the needs of food professionals, with particular attention to respect for the environment.

Gea, whose name refers to the Greek Goddess protecting the Earth, is an all-electric vehicle created in two versions: inside and outside. This sturdy vehicle is able to provide a range of 130km, low maintenance costs and high performance.

Apollo, drawing its name from the Sun God in Greek mythology, is partially equipped with solar panels. It is the first true cyclable vehicle, of the TeknèItalia family of vehicles, that combines efficiency, zero noise and zero pollution.

We are taking a leap forward towards green economy to show how it is possible to combine business needs while protecting and respecting the environment.