Don Peppino: creator of emotions

Don Peppino: creator of emotions
22 August 2019 Roberta Moscato

In Sicily, summer means “the sound of a whistle.
Indeed, it is a tradition that the whistle warns that the peddler of ice cream is near. Refreshing artisanal gelato with brioche is ready to be enjoyed.

This food is more than a greedy break; it’s a memory of emotions. The same thing that Don Peppino makes every day.

Jürgen brings a pleasing experience in your private or corporate events. Everything starts with high-quality ingredients, passion, and a significant “location.” In this case, a Don Cola inside, that can arrive at any place.

Another element that makes Jürgen unique is he is “real.”
He tells, using the social networks, what he does, and how. He can customize your product according to your needs. For example, in one of his last events, he has prepared special “ice cream spaghetti.” A version of artisanal gelato that has surprised the hosts.

The presence of Don Peppino at your event (from wedding to corporate parties) is a real value-added.

Because it is the result of the combination of excellent gelato and emotions, created by the contest and the way to do the things.

Sometimes the simplicity of an idea is the best power to create an emotion.

Video by Olivia Lehmann