Don Giovanni

an opportunity to restart your business

Don Giovanni: an opportunity to renew your business
23 July 2020 Roberta Moscato

Last events have forced everybody to change their vision. What it was sure, now it not more.
In this situation, we have found the strength to restart. How? Focus on new designs and products. From these studies, it was born the late Don Giovanni. A little shop on wheels. We are very proud and excited to show you the first realization of the new version of Don Giovanni.

The production of this food truck is also linked to a beautiful story.
And this makes us even happier. Tipafrost had contacted our reseller Césk to find a solution to invest in new business during this time so hard.

It is an example of a good business spirit.

“If Mohammed does not go to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed.” says a traditional proverb. And in the same way, Tipafrost will be around its city to sell ice creams. Differently than in-store. 

It’s a striking example of adapting and changing according to market needs. Pay attention to the small customer, in the expression of the “funnel” philosophy, is the best answer to an increasingly “cold” market. People, dialogue, and social contact – precisely because they have lacked in this time – are the future.